Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spring 2010: Ports 1961

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At New York Fashion Week, Ports 1961 will be among the first group of designers showing their Fall 2010 collections. Though the new Ports collection debuts tomorrow at 3pm, let us not forget about the luxury label's current season.

Highlights of the Ports 1961 Spring 2010 collection include effortless t-shirt dresses in a variety of creamsicle shades, flyaway organza dresses, and belted tulip dresses. The color palette and fabric patterns were a bold choice perhaps only passable for Spring: pastel shades of peach and pink, bright reds, cool shimmering blues and browns, and several kaleidoscopic prints including a couple of tie-dye selections.

This time, the label, whose head Tia Cibani has in the past relied heavily on geographic influences, takes us to Japan. And the influences are not difficult to spot; passing on the runway was one obi belt after another, as well as a multitude dresses with blush-pink cherry blossom patterns. It is this global focus that defines the Ports 1961 customer so clearly, that of a multinational jetsetter. And who wouldn't want to be that girl?


divine bunny said...

love ports.

love the elegance and sophistication that is always ports.


reckless daughter said...

these are lovely. beautiful fabrics.

Lucy Laucht said...

I will be glued to for the next few weeks! lovely images.


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Susanna-Cole said...

Love the first dress, such a vibrant, lively shade of red, and also the forth look over is really soft and lovely!



love that bright red dress!